NICU Appeal

Southmead Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provides intensive care, high dependency care, special care and transitional care for hundreds of babies each year.

As well as caring for babies who are born too soon or with health conditions in their first weeks of life, the team of staff support parents through what can be a very difficult journey.

Our NICU fund has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to provide specialist equipment and support services thanks to the generosity of our fundraisers and supporters, many of whom have been parents of NICU babies themselves. 

Parents Accomodation

Southmead Hospital Charity has funded a new flat for parents of premature and poorly babies treated at Southmead Hospital to enable them to be closer to their children. 

Southmead Hospital’s Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a regional specialist centre which means that babies born prematurely or with medical conditions from across the region are treated there.

It often means that parents are a long way from home and face many months travelling to and from hospital.

The newly-refurbished flat on Southmead Road has six en-suite bedrooms in total with four double rooms for parents of babies being cared for on the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at Southmead Hospital. Two of the rooms are for on-call staff to stay in and there is a communal kitchen and living area with an outside courtyard space.

Southmead Hospital Charity is funding the annual rental and maintenance costs of the flat along with furnishings.

You can help us to continue to provide this vital service which helps to support parents through some tough times, making it easier for them to care for their babies and themselves. 

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