Do Something Super for Southmead

So Something Super for Southmead Priority appeal

Deep in the heart of Bristol, amazing individuals are saving lives every day.

Doctors, nurses, support staff and volunteers are fighting illness, injury and disease to create brighter futures for patients. Ordinary people are doing extraordinary things.

To aid the fight, five super powered heroes have heard the call and joined forces to help the people of Bristol and the South West when they need it most.

Together they are the Southmead Hospital Superheroes!

These heroes want to impart their remarkable gifts to the citizens of Bristol and inspire a new generation to make a difference and fundraise for our hospitals.

Whether your superpower is to run, swim, cycle, skydive or bake, the Southmead Hospital Superheroes want you to join their fundraising campaign and take part in an event to raise money and change lives.

Jump in at the deep end for a sponsored swim or unite your team in superhero finery for a dragonboat race on the Bristol harbourside.

As a superhero you’ll be up for any challenge – an epic cycle ride, trial by triathlon, trekking Ben Nevis or even doing 100 squats in one minute!

Your inner strength will give you the power to succeed.

Take a look at our events page to find a fundraising event to suit you - or create one of your own!  

Find out more about the Do Something Super for Southmead campaign. 

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