As New Year resolutions are fading from most people’s memories, at this time of year it’s important that charities like ours target the motivated few who still want a new challenge to lead a healthier life or lose some extra pounds.

I personally forgot to set my resolutions for this year, but I knew that something would come up that was just right for me.

This week sees the launch or our first virtual event, Marathon In March, where we ask people to run 26.2 miles for our hospital, but over the course of a month rather than all in one day. This was inspired by one of our fundraisers, Emy Caines who organised her own on behalf of our maternity unit and NICU last August.

It is usually my job to make others run for our causes, not myself, but I think this might be the time to give it a go.

While I have produced a fair few brownies in my time for Southmead Hospital and jumping from a plane just isn’t my thing (making that perfectly clear to my colleagues – you know who you are), perhaps running a marathon is?

I do enjoy running, but always find an excuse to do something else far less taxing. Perhaps supporting our Prostate Cancer Care Appeal will give me the motivation to get my trainers back on and get me fit for the sunnier months.  There’s always a chance leading by example will inspire others to join me too. I am the one who set it up after all.

The great thing about this challenge is that there’s really no excuse not to do it. It’s achievable whilst being a challenge at the same time and I would only have to run the equivalent of a mile a day and not even for the whole month. The other huge plus is that I can do this anywhere. I might opt for a harbour side run one day to take in the sights and if it’s snowing, it’s straight to the gym.

If you or someone you know fancies joining me, point them in my direction.


Adrian Brown

Community Appeals Manager