Lead consultant urologist, Anthony Koupparis, is raising money for our Prostate Cancer Care Appeal by taking on the immense challenge of a triathlon later this year. Here’s how his training is going:

I have taken a day off work to try and get a long cycle ride in followed by a run.  I’ve signed up for an Ironman triathlon – and it’s so long!  My plan for today’s training is to drop the car off for an MOT and then hopefully the traffic will die down before I set off on my training.

I set out a course last night on my Garmin map.  It’s amazing how easy it all looks when the maps don’t show the hills, and you’re sitting with a cup of tea in your hand on the sofa.

So, here we go. 160K down to Somerset and back.  It’s really cold and I’m fairly sure I won’t be gracing the cover of any triathlon magazine any time soon.  I look like I may well be going skiing with the layers I’m wearing, and a glimpse of myself in a car windscreen brings a vision of the Michelin man combined with Ed Balls on Strictly.

Now, the Mendips may well be an area of outstanding beauty, but with my backside hurting, nose running and back aching I can safely say I’m not giving it the attention it deserves. The complete low point of my ride is a road called “Old Bristol Hill” out of Wells.  Now I have a degree or two, so I should have twigged with the name … It’s certainly a hill and I feel very old going up it.   If anyone finds anything organic on the road, it will be a small piece of my spleen which I thought I was going  to bring up, halfway to the top.

Back to Bristol, off the bike and on with the trainers. Feeling fresh, and ready to run a marathon?  You have to be kidding me! The only thing I want to do is go to bed! I run for 5K and can’t remember any of it.  Finally at home and the prize is allowed – food! I can start eating!

……its just a shame I have to do something similar in a week’s time …..


You can help Anthony raise even more money by sponsoring him here, and find out more about our Prostate Cancer Care Appeal here.