It’s quite ironic that this year the February half term break coincides with Random Acts of Kindness Week. Somehow I don’t think I’m going to be the only one who’ll be spending much of the week saying, ‘be kind to your sister … play nicely with your brother’ or that magic word which echoes through our house at the moment – share!

In the fast paced world we now live in, it’s often time which is the barrier to these niceties. But a simple, kind gesture can make all the difference to someone’s day. Helping a colleague with a tricky task, sending a thank you card to a friend, or – my personal favourite -making someone a cup of tea.  All bring a little respite or a few moments of escapism and are surely all still achievable in our modern world.

I still remember the kind people who helped me when I needed it most, who stopped and spent that little bit of extra time to help me in their busy day. The school teacher who would put on musical performances during the lunch break and encourage my love of the arts, the stranger who stopped and helped me change the tyre on my car when they were late for work, or the exceptional consultant who spent time with us when we received some life- changing news as a family even though we were the last on a long clinic list that day. I remember them all very clearly, even when some of them happened many decades ago now!  And here at the Charity we see acts of kindness every day – people who fundraise for us, who donate their time and money to us, and who put huge efforts into hosting events and supporting us.

So I’m going to be encouraging my children to be kind to each other and those around them this week in the hope of restoring a little harmony and happiness to our house. We can all surely find a few minutes in our day to show each other we care – even if it’s just that very British tradition of making a cup of tea!