As it was Mother’s Day yesterday, here’s a blog from our Maternity Services showing how our amazing donors support the fantastic work the staff do to make life better for our new mums:

Mendip Birth Centre and Cossham Birth Centres are part of the Maternity Unit at Southmead Hospital. We care for women and their families to have their babies in a home-from-home environment. We try to ensure the surroundings in our birth rooms are tranquil, calming and comfortable to be in. This in turn helps women who are giving birth to feel safe, enabling the natural flow of birthing hormones.

More than 6,000 babies are born with us every year.  But as we are all aware, the NHS is currently under great financial pressures, and help from other sources such as our donors and the Charity really enable us to enhance the facilities we offer.

Charitable funds have helped us enormously at the Mendip Birth Centre.  For example, support from the Charity has meant we were able to buy two new birthing beds. These great beds are multifunctional and can help support women in a variety of positions that help make giving birth more comfortable.

The Charity’s Christmas Cracker grant also enabled our Mendip Birth Centre to buy two warming cabinets. These are used to ensure we have a good supply of warm towels to wrap mums and babies in following delivery. This seems like a nice thing to do but it’s actually extremely important. When  babies are born they are wet and can become cold very easily. If a baby is not dried and kept really warm in the hours immediately after birth they will use their own energy reserves to try to heat themselves up. They can sometimes use too much energy doing this and can become unwell. This is why we are so delighted with our warming cabinets – to avoid any cold babies.

These are just a couple examples of how donations really make a difference.  We are truly grateful to all of the fundraising efforts of our supporters.  They allow us to provide a greater service for our mums and their families.


Rachel Tonks

Birth Centre Manager