Although the term ‘miracle’ is often overused, I am in no doubt they do happen.  As a Charity we hear about them often as we’re very fortunate to support projects that have a very real impact on patients’ lives.

You might earlier this month have seen the episode of ITV’s What Would Be Your Miracle? which featured Southmead Hospital patient Mac MacGregor.  Mac, a 68-year-old retired Marine who lives with his wife Chez in Devon,  had for the past three years been trapped in a body which shook uncontrollably.  Mac had become a shadow of his former adventurous self.  All previous treatment options had failed and Mac’s final opportunity to gain back his independence and joie de vive was to have complex brain surgery called Deep Brain Stimulation.  The operation, which is incredibly invasive, is being pioneered by Professor Steven Gill here at Southmead Hospital.

It was incredibly emotional to watch and the results truly inspirational as we saw Mac’s implant being switched on by specialist nurse Caroline in the Bristol Brain Centre, which was opened last year after support from Southmead Hospital Charity.

So we’d like to say thank you to all those fundraisers and donors who have helped us to support  miraculous work here at Southmead.  Last year alone we funded projects which totalled over £2.7 million throughout the hospital.  We feel like we’re making a real difference, and it would be great to claim that we fund miracles too.


Liz Bond

Trust and Major Donor Manager


You can watch episode 2 of What Would Be Your Miracle? which features Mac MacGregor here