Before I go any further into this topic, I must put it out there… ‘I lurves the cake!’

Not just for the obvious reasons either. Cakes can be delicious. It is a known fact. There is nothing better than biting into a rich, moist chocolate fudge cake oozing with a scrumptious ganache that drips down the side and gets stuck in your moustache and beard. Well, maybe that’s just me.  Always important to have a napkin or wet wipe to hand for those of you who are bushy around the mouth.

The other reason cakes and baked goods get the big thumbs up from me is that they lift your spirits and working in a hospital environment, this can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. The very sight of a beautifully crafted Victoria Sponge can bring a smile to a patient’s face, or cheer up a team of nurses who deserve a tea break after a long shift.

There’s also the joy that a cake can bring to the person baking it.  As someone who likes mixing up a treat for friends and family it does fill me with the warm and fuzzies when I see someone enjoying my hard work in the kitchen.

So how can you make this feel good factor even stronger? Use it to make money for charity, that’s how.  It’s a tried and tested tradition for most charities.  A good old-fashioned cake sale helps build better team working, unlocks people’s creativity and, of course, makes them feel better knowing that the money raised will help make life better for someone else.

As a hospital charity we have to be very balanced in our approach when dealing with things of a sweet nature and that’s why we set up our once a week treat, Bake Well Wednesday – all part of a balanced diet within our programme of fundraising events.

Our Bake Well Wednesday has raised over £13,000 in less than a year for different departments across the hospital which just goes to show there’s a clear appetite for this type of fundraising.  To celebrate its success we‘ll be holding the ‘Best of Bake Well Wednesday Bake Off’ on 22nd March in the hospital, giving all of our previous bakers the opportunity to compete for ‘Star Bake’.  All proceeds will of course support our priority Prostate Cancer Care Appeal.

Perhaps this has tempted you to have some fun in the kitchen and organise your own Bake Well Wednesday?  Here are all the details:


Adrian Brown

Community Appeals Manager