I’ve added something else to my worry list – what will happen to all the small charities that need volunteers? I spend a paltry 2 hours a month volunteering for Southmead Hospital’s League of Friends. Without giving too much away, I am clinging on to my forties for dear life and I am probably the youngest League of Friends tea lady!

It is hard for some organisations to recruit volunteers; people are working, students need broad work experience or to use specific skills, people are living longer and our caring responsibilities have grown – I get it.

It was recently proposed to give community volunteers a £100 discount on their Council Tax and you may recall the pre-election proposal to give employees matched time off to volunteer.

We all value volunteers; many organisations would not survive without them – mostly its done out of the goodness of people’s hearts – and really does the motivation matter?  Give a thought to what you could do – you could always join me over a cup of tea….