Charity of the Year

We're very proud of our charity of the year partnerships.

We will work with you to identify the projects you can support that suit your company’s strategic aims and how we can best engage with your staff and clients through signature events or bespoke activities. We can also support your company with one-off fundraising events or volunteering projects.

Our corporate partners receive:

Partner Spotlight

After one of their employees received great care from the hospital for her two baby sons, National Friendly rallied behind her to support the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit who gave her children a chance at life.


Find the right fundraising event

Gather your colleagues and take part in a team event or take on a personal challenge and raise money through sponsorship.


Time and expertise can be just as valuable as any financial contribution and volunteering for our hospital through work can give your team the opportunity to build better working relationships, offer new skills and build motivation.

We can offer opportunities to support at our events, whether marshalling or cheering on our fundraisers. Your business might also be able to offer expert support that could help improve our ways of working or deliver on specific projects.

We’d love to discuss volunteering with you.

Other ways to support

Find out about more ways that your business can support us and make a real impact on your community.