The Bristol Annual Charity Dance Show

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This year's Bristol Annual Charity Dance Show will be raising money for our research fund to benefit stroke research at Southmead Hospital.

The Show will promise a fun-filled evening, featuring an energetic and diverse mix of dance styles and entertainment.  Local dance groups, staff and patients from Southmead Hospital will be taking to the floor so it's a show not to be missed!

And it's raising money to support some invaluable research.  Around 1.2 million people live with a stroke in the UK.  The money raised from this Show will help to support the ground-breaking research being undertaken at the Hospital.  The research will  examine how new technology can help to measure and predict recovery after a stroke, as well as how a patient's rehabilitation can be supported, using real-world simulations. Dr Phil Clatworthy, Consultant Stroke Neurologist, is leading the research and has a special interest in a patient's rehabilitation and visual problems following a stroke.

“Because strokes can affect people in different ways, my work is to help us better predict a patient’s outcome and mobility after a stroke, and help us better tailor therapies to our patients' needs”. says Dr Clatworthy.

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