Support for staff

Thanks to our donors we fund a range of projects to support our staff.

Staff across North Bristol NHS Trust are working incredibly hard every day to protect and care for you, your family and our communities.

With your help we can continue to support their welfare and wellbeing – by caring for them we can ultimately help them to deliver even better care to patients.

Your support funds welfare packages and access to specialist counselling services as well as wider wellbeing initiatives that staff can benefit from.

Thanks to your help we also give initial funding to some staff development and training opportunities across the Trust.


Staff wellbeing programme

We look after the people who look after you by funding a Wellbeing Programme for staff at North Bristol NHS Trust to provide a range of physical, psychological and lifestyle support.

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Your donations make a big difference

Whatever you can give, your donation powers our work to make your NHS better today and for tomorrow’s generation.

Last year we gave more than £2.4 million to North Bristol NHS Trust to fund innovative, nurturing and supportive projects that transform local NHS services