Bristol Rugby is supporting the charity’s Marathon in March event which sees people go from couch to marathon runner in one month to raise money for Southmead Hospital Charity.

The challenge enables people to run a marathon in their own time and in their own way – after work, at the weekend, at the gym, in the park or by pounding the streets of Bristol.

And Bristol Rugby is encouraging people to sign up to get active and support local hospital services through Southmead Hospital Charity.

Runners will be clocking up the marathon distance of 26.2 miles over the 31 days in March and raise money for Southmead Hospital Charity’s Prostate Cancer Care Appeal or for a hospital department or unit of their choice.

Last year, the first year of the event, 40 people took part in Marathon in March.

Adrian Brown, Community Appeals Manager for Southmead Hospital Charity, said: “You choose your start line, finish line and everything in between.

“Run in your local park, footpaths, favourite beach, up a mountain or even on the treadmill in the gym.

“You can run a mile a day or over a few weekend sessions. The miles will soon add up over the month and you can take a break whenever you want.

“For all those fit people out there who can run a marathon with your eyes closed, why not set the stakes higher and challenge yourself to do multiple marathons and see how many times you can run 26.2 miles in the month.

“You could also add a competitive streak to the challenge and ask your team at work, school or local gym/club to be involved and create a team page. See who can raise the most money, reach the target distance first or run the furthest.”

Achieve a marathon challenge and get active

Craig Capel, Bristol Rugby Community Foundation Development Manager, said: “The recent news that prostate cancer now kills more men than breast cancer claims women’s lives is a sobering reflection of how important it is to raise awareness of the disease and support the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal.

“We’re delighted to support the Marathon in March event which is a brilliant way for people to achieve a marathon challenge and get active – and hopefully go on to make fitness a part of their everyday lives throughout the rest of the year.”

Becky Gardiner, who works for North Bristol NHS Trust, has signed up to do Marathon in March and is supporting the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal.

She said: “I’ve been motivated to get fit after finding out about some ill-health amongst family and friends, and attempting to run a marathon in a month felt like a big enough challenge that could also be achievable.

“A month is long enough for a routine to become a habit so I am hoping I can stick with it into the summer and, who knows, perhaps run a full on marathon in one go next year!”

Runners can support our Prostate Cancer Care Appeal to fund a new surgical robot to treat urological cancers. Or participants can choose another area of the hospital that is important to them.

To sign up contact the Southmead Hospital Charity team on 0117 414 0170 or email

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