Charity-funded slide sheets delivered

We’re delighted that, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we’ve been able to buy the Trust over 4,800 slide sheets which help staff move patients carefully and comfortably.  They’re a simple yet invaluable piece of kit.

“Slide sheets are the patient handling innovation of the decade”. Explains Liz Bennet, NBT’s manual handling advisor.

“The sheets are a low cost product which reduce the effort when moving a patient in bed. They increase the comfort and safety for our patients and staff, and are proven to reduce musculoskeletal injuries to staff and friction injures to patients. 

“We have had fantastic feedback from staff who are so grateful to the Charity for this new supply.”

Sarah Dodds, deputy director of nursing here at NBT adds: “The purchase of the slide sheets for all of the clinical areas within Southmead Hospital will make an immense difference to both patients and staff. The sheets help us to ensure that patients are moved  both safely, and in turn this ensures that our staff are able to adhere to best practice at all times . On behalf of all the clinical staff I would like to thank the charity for supporting the purchase of these really important manual handling aids.”


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