Christmas Cracker Awards 2016

We’re delighted this month to be giving our annual Christmas Cracker awards to departments and community services across North Bristol NHS Trust.  Thanks to the generosity of our donors this Christmas we are awarding a share of £35,000 to staff as part of our Christmas Appeal.

Staff were asked to put forward applications for the purchase of medical equipment that will support and improve the experience of our patients and we received nearly 80 applications.

“Each Christmas we look forward to offering staff the opportunity to apply for these grants to purchase equipment which is beyond the remit of the Trust.” Explains our Major Trusts and Donor Manager, Liz Bond.

“Our donors have enabled us to offer the Christmas Cracker scheme.  The projects and equipment that we fund through the scheme make such a positive difference to our patients, and to our staff.”

A judging panel made up of clinical and non-clinical staff from across the Trust considered the 80 applications and have allotted prize money to 18 projects.

Each working day from  December 1 to Christmas Eve we’ll be announcing the daily winners of the awards here, with the bumper gift of up to £8,000 handed out on December 24. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for daily updates too.

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