We’re delighted to announce this year’s winners of our Christmas Cracker Awards! Congratulations to all.

Thanks to our donors, we’re able to give the Awards to staff here at North Bristol NHS Trust to fund one-off equipment purchases which will help improve the service we offer our patients. We had a wide number of applications this year for a huge variety of equipment, so well done to all the winners:

Emergency Department     

£389 for entertainment equipment for children waiting in the ED

NBT Library and Elgar House

£799 to fund  audio-book players and audio books for patients with dementia


£250 for silicone wrist bands for dialysis patients to warn medical staff not to do blood pressure or cannulate on a particular arm

Hand and Upper Limb Unit         

£1,716 for phsio exercise equipment

Diabetes & Endocrinology        

£1,000 to purchase individual-user insulin injection aids for those with needle phobia and/ or dexterity issues

Medical Photography           

£149 for audio recording equipment to record voice overs on training packages

Hospital at Home Team

£773 to provide each nurse within the Hospital at Home team with a portable drip stand

Complex Care

£681 to support the Creative Companions Fresh Arts scheme with complex care patients


£6,825 for a bladder scanner and supporting equipment

Gate 31 Ambulatory Emergency Care         

£3,245 for a portable cardiac bedside monitor


£1,709 for a rise and recline chair and hoist

Centralised Outpatients

£192 to purchase 3 dermatescopes

Gate 31B Acute Admissions Ward           

£1,900 to fund 2 patient transfer scales

Gate 31A Short stay and Enhanced Care Unit          

£2,700 for 2 ECG machines

End of life care  

£599 to support the ‘Purple Butterfuly’ programme for delivering end of life care across NBT.

Acute Medicine

£5,796 to create wall artwork and information panels to welcome, orientate and inform patients

Adult Burns Unit

£323 to purchase specialist ECG equipment for use with burns patients


£3,864 to purchase two units and finger probes to measure a patient’s haemoglobin level non-invasively


£500 for two warming cupboards for both maternity theatres


£280 for four DAB radios to help distract and relax patients attending the Cotswold Outpatients Clinic

Community Midwife      

£978 to purchase medical kit bags for each community midwife

Bristol Centre for Enablement    

£1,129 for a patient moving device, hoist and chair