A display of knitted poppies has been unveild at Southmead Hospital to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War and to mark Rememberance Sunday.

The Knit With Me group have knitted 192 poppies to represent the 192 people who died at Southmead Hospital as a result of the war.

Knit With Me is a Fresh Arts projecy funded by Southmead Hospital Charity and led by artist Ali Brown where North Bristol NHS Trust staff and volunteers knitted together to produce therapy projects lfor patients, as well as knitting squares for blankets, wonky eyed teddies for NICU, and twiddle muffs for patients with dementia.

The group did extensive research into how Southmead Hospital was used as a military hospital during the First World War, where more than 37,000 soldiers were treated. The vast majority of soldiers survived their wounds, but sadly, 192 soldiers died.

In this centenary year, to commemorate the anniversary of the Armistice and in particular remembrance of those 192 soldiers, one poppy has been made for each life lost.

The poppies were hand made using a variety of yarns and patterns, so teach person had a unique poppy to represent them.

The poppies have been displayed to spell out ‘We Will Remember Them’, alongside a list of names, in the atrium of the Brunel Building.

Fresh Arts would like to thank the folliowing people for their help with the project: Liz Tomlinson, Charles Booth, Kathryn Dickens, Jenny Weeks, Jane Bambury, the staff at Arnos Vale cemetery, Bristol Archives, Bristol Registry office, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Stoke Bishop local history group who provided helpful suggestions how to identify those soldiers who died at Southmead.