Southmead Hospital Charity’s Prostate Cancer Care Appeal has been given a £300,000 boost by the John James Bristol Foundation.

The grant-making trust is supporting the £2million appeal to fund a new surgical robot for Southmead Hospital to treat prostate cancer and other urological cancers.

Southmead Hospital Charity recently hit the first target of the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal and raised the £750,000 to fund a new Intuitive Da Vinci surgical robot to treat prostate cancer.

The second phase of the appeal now aims to fund another surgical robot to extend this pioneering treatment to other urological cancers like bladder and kidney as well as gynaecological cancers.

The John James Bristol Foundation has committed £300,000 to the second phase of the appeal.

Elizabeth Bond, head of fundraising at Southmead Hospital Charity, said: “We are delighted to have the support of the John James Bristol Foundation – a long-standing stalwart of philanthropy in Bristol.

“Their generous pledge has given the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal a real momentum as we embark on the second stage of our fundraising.

“There is more work to do to reach our target and raise the money to buy a much needed second robot to keep up with demand for this type of surgery to treat more cancers and save more lives.”

The Prostate Cancer Care Appeal was launched in 2016 to fund two urological surgical robots needed at Southmead Hospital to replace an ageing surgical robot that needed updating.

In January this year the charity announced the purchase of the first new robot which is now treating prostate cancer patients.

Robotic surgery is more accurate, less invasive, causes less blood loss, and reduces the length of stay in hospital by one to three days compared to open surgical methods. Men also have much better long term prospects for a full recovery.

Louise Hanson, Chief Executive of the John James Bristol Foundation, said: “The Trustees are delighted to be able to support the purchase of an additional surgical robot for treating people in Bristol.

“This continues a long history of support for the work of the hospital by the John James Bristol Foundation.”