Join our Knit Group and make a real difference

Local knitters are being invited to help us expand our woolly Envelop project by joining our regular knit groups.

Thanks to our donors we fund the hospital’s Envelop Project which creates knitted envelopes containing words of advice and encouragement from and for patients, staff and visitors.  The envelopes are then distributed at random on wards, and around the hospital - tucked away in quiet corners, ready to be found by the right person. 

The Envelop Project is part of the ‘Knit with Me’ programme which we support,  and the team would love more knitters to join the group which meets a few times a month and has so far created over 100 letters  .

“Being in hospital can be an isolating experience.”  explains Fresh Arts programme manager Ruth Sidgwick.  “We see our woolly words as letting people know that they’re not alone, that there is a community of people who are with them and thinking of them.”

And the knitting project benefits the creators as well as the receivers. 

“Research has shown that the benefits of knitting go way beyond that of a relaxing hobby,” says Ruth, “Our knitters enjoy the sense of involvement in a wider campaign, contributing something positive to people who are in greater need than themselves.” 

So if you fancy taking up your needles why not pop in to knit, natter, stitch and make a message?  Dates and times for the group’s forthcoming meetings are below and to find out more please email:


Tuesday 6th 10am - 3pm 

Tuesday 6th 5pm - 7pm  

Monday 12th 10am  -3pm  


Wednesday 5th 10am - 3pm

Tuesday 11th 5pm - 7pm  

Tuesday 25th -  venue tbc


Tuesday 8th 5pm - 7pm  

Thursday 10th 10am - 3pm 

Tuesday 22nd 


Friday 9th - venue tbc

Tuesday 13th 5pm - 7pm  -

Wednesday 21st -10am - 3pm  

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