Southmead Hospital Charity has six runners taking part in the iconic London Marathon on Sunday April 28 this year.

Our fabulous fundraisers are all raising money for departments or causes across the hospital that are close to their hearts.

Meet our runners! Click on their names to visit their fundraising pages:


“As a challenge to myself and to tick it of the bucket list.”

Jay Vowell is running the marathon to raise money to support the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit. He said: “This year I will be running the London marathon. As a challenge to myself and to tick it of the bucket list.

“The Charity I have chosen to run for is Southmead Hospital Charity. My reasons behind this is because when my daughter was born she was admitted to NICU due to complications from birth.

“The staff there were unbelievably helpful, supportive,caring, informative and we knew that our daughter was in the best care available.

“The work that the nurses and doctors do in the NHS is amazing words cant really describe how much the staff go out of their way to help and assist you.” 


“This has been an ambition of mine for many years.”

Katherine Whiting, has raised more than £1,700 for our Prostate Cancer Care Appeal. She said: “I have been lucky enough to have been selected by Southmead Hospital Charity to run the London Marathon 2019!

“This has been an ambition of mine for many years. I am so excited to have this opportunity and at the same time be able to raise much needed funds for the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal.”


“….Southmead Hospital who were so helpful and caring for the entire family at and after the most difficult time.”

Chris Green is running to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease fund, to support the team at Southmead Hospital who cared for his father who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) two years ago.

Chris said: “It’s a condition that affects the brain and nerves, causing weakness that gets worse and worse as time goes on. The condition is fatal, and significantly shortens life expectancy to those who have it. There is currently no cure, and symptoms are very difficult to spot.

“After my dad was diagnosed, the MND team at Southmead Hospital co-ordinated appointments with so many specialists to name including a occupational health therapist, physio, speech therapist and psychologist; who were brilliant visiting my dad at home to assess him while also being amazing support.

“We were also provided with specialised, practical equipment to help him in everyday life – including a set of cutlery! Finally, my dad had regular meetings with Dr Brady, whose appointments he actually looked forward to! Thanks to them, there was a sense of normality – and his quality of life remained relatively high despite his condition. 

“In February 2018, my dad passed away from MND, just over 8 months after being diagnosed. I can’t express my gratitude not only to the MND team, specialists and nurses on the ward but also to Southmead Hospital who were so helpful and caring for the entire family at and after the most difficult time.

“I realise that there’s a lot of people asking for sponsorship at the moment but anything you have to spare will go a long way! The very small MND team work with individuals across Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and further afield so any help is greatly appreciated!”


Matt Crabtree, Emergency Department Manager, is running to raise money for the Emergency Derpartment at Southmead Hospital. and has already raised more than £1,000.

John Hirst has already raised more than £1,500 to support the charity.

Ewan Cameron, is running to fundraise for the Bristol Breast Care Centre, supporting women affected by breast cancer.