Fundraiser Bill Quinn returned to the hospital with a group of friends to present £2,450 for the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal.

The 73-year-old, along with a group of friends from the Railway Tavern pub, all completed a 15,000 feet sky dive in July to raise the money.

Skydiving along with Bill was Richard Thwaites, Sam Hussein Merchant and Alex Reed.

They met with lead urology consultant Salah Albuheissi in September to present their cheque.

Last year Bill, from Fishponds, completed a daring 130mph wing-walk to raise £1,000 for the appeal.

Mr Quinn chose the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal as a thank you for the radical neo-bladder surgery he had 19 years ago to treat his bladder cancer.

Surgeons at Southmead Hospital removed his bladder and created an artificial bladder from a section of bowel.

Southmead Hospital is the largest urological centre in the country, treating thousands of prostate cancer patients a year.  It is also one of only 5 centres in the UK to specialise in robotic surgery to treat the disease.

Robotic surgery is more accurate, less invasive, causes less blood loss, and reduces the length of stay in hospital than traditional surgical methods. Men also have much better long term prospects for a full recovery.

Southmead Hospital Charity’s Prostate Cancer Care Appeal aims to raise funding to purchase two new surgical robots to replace the current, ageing model.

The second surgical robot would enable the team to treat even more men as well as provide robotic surgery for other types of cancer like kidney, bladder and gynaecological.

Find out more about the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal.