As part of the Charity’s funding of the Fresh Arts programme here at North Bristol (NHS) Trust, we support the invaluable Play It Again project which provides music sessions every Monday to older people on our Elgar House wards.

Play it Again aims to entertain, engage and calm our patients, and create a more relaxed and enjoyable hospital stay for them.  It has proved particularly beneficial to patients with a cognitive impairment.  Thanks to our lovely donors, we’ve also been able to purchase percussion instruments so patients and the musicians can play and sing along together.

Here are just a couple of recent observations on the project:

*One of our patients expressed her immense joy at hearing the music and being able to participate in it despite being clearly very poorly with very little ability to move.”

“She smiled throughout and was clearly enjoying herself.”

“One patient was partially blind but still enjoyed the tactile nature of the instruments and joined in with a good singalong.”

“Every patient in three of the bays played percussion instruments during the session, including one lady who was lying down with one eye closed tapping a tambourine, and another who had severe Parkinson’s and was shaking a lot but still played the jingle bells.”

We’re proud to support such a brilliant project.  Find out more about Fresh Arts here.