School Bed Push for Prostate Cancer Care Appeal

St Francis Primary School Nailsea Bed push

Children from St Francis Primary School, in Nailsea, raised £1,194 for Southmead Hosptial Charity's Prostate Cancer Care Appeal with a sponsored hospital bed push.

Dressed up as doctors, nurses and patients the entire school's 194 pupils pushed a hospital bed around the school playground for a day, with each class taking half an hour turns. 

The children themselves chose to support our Prostate Cancer Care Appeal, as well as another local charity which adapts wheelchairs for use overseas.

Adrian Brown, Community Appeals Manager, said: "This is an extraordinary amount to raise and we are thrilled to have this support from St Francis Primary School.

"It is wonderful to see children working so hard to go the extra mile and make a real difference to the lives of men with prostate cancer and their families.

"We'd love to have even more schools join us for our special Hero for a Day event in October, raising money for the Prostate Cancer Care Appeal, helping us to raise £2million for two new urology robots.

"So please get in touch if your school, nursery, playgroup or even workplace would like to take part in Hero for a Day, where you can dress up for the day as a superhero and do something super for Southmead."

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