'See Bike See Life' Raises over £1800

See bike see life raises £1800 for our ICU and neuro ward

It was our absolute pleasure to meet Lee Riva and his family yesterday when they dropped in to hand over the £1800 they have raised for our Intensive Care Unit and our neurological ward, 6B.

Early last year Lee’s stepson, Ashton Gundry, 19, was knocked off his motorbike and sustained serious brain injuries.  He was transferred here to Southmead Hospital where he spent two weeks in Intensive Care and another 2 months on the neurological ward. 

Initially, Ashton was so severely injured that he wasn’t expected to live.

"The doctors didn't really expect Ashton to come out of it or, if he did, they thought he would most likely be bedridden.” Explains Lee.

"You just don't expect a thing like this to happen to your family, especially with someone of Ashton's young age.”

But remarkably, Ashton has gone on to make an astonishing recovery, and his family decided to raise funds for ICU and the ward as a thank you to the staff who saved Ashton’s life.

To raise funds, and awareness of bike and road safety, Lee and a group of 12 friends carried Ashton’s mangled motorbike all the way from Yeovil to Bristol.  Using public roads, they ensured that as many people as possible saw their See Bike, See Life! messages.

“The amazing teams at Southmead helped bring our boy back to us. The job they do there is amazing and we’ll be forever grateful.”

Our image shows Lee, far left, with Ashton holding the cheque, 3rd from left, and his mum Kat in front, together with staff.

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