Superhero police to abseil for NICU

Police manager Emily McGuiness and 24 of her colleagues are to abseil off the top of the new Bridewell Police Station in central Bristol to raise money for our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) fund.

On Saturday 9 July they will be donning their harnesses and ropes and abseiling from the top of the 6 storey building.

Emily, 38, has a very personal reason for organising the fundraising event.  Her daughter Isla was born here at Southmead Hospital in July 2012 and spent 10 weeks in NICU.

“Isla was in NICU for a long time. We knew during my pregnancy that things weren’t 100% right but never ever expected her to be so sick.” Explains Emily

“They saved her life on the Unit so this is my way of saying thank you and giving something back.”

Each of the 25 abseilers in the group – which consists of police officers, staff, and Police Community Support Officers - will jump with an instructor and are getting sponsored to raise money.

“It’s going to be a few moments of terror, but it will be well worth it!” adds Emily.

The good news is that Isla is continuing to do well.  “She’s not yet talking, but is starting to move,” says Emily.  “She made it up the stairs this week, so there are definitely glimmers of hope.”

To find out more and to sponsor our brave abseilers, visit:

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