Transforming dementia care


For a person living with dementia, being in hospital can be a confusing and frightening time.

Hospitals can be unfamiliar places and they may not understand where they are or why they are there, which can be distressing for them and for their loved ones.  

Southmead Hospital cares for thousands of patients who have dementia each year. Some of them may need to come to hospital for an operation, for treatment for an illness or if they have an accident or a fall.

We need your help to make Southmead Hospital a better place to be for people with dementia.

We want to place dementia-focused care at the heart of your hospital – creating an environment that enables people with dementia to feel calm and supported.

As the population ages, we want Southmead Hospital to lead the way in delivering outstanding dementia care and giving hope for the future. That's why we're launching this special campaign to transform dementia care in Bristol. 


Bringing brighter days

With your help, we can continue to fund performances by musicians in at Southmead Hospital for our elderly patients and for our patients with dementia.

Patients can sing, move and play instruments with the Play It Again trio – brightening their days and bringing back treasured memories.

Your donations also help us to fund the Creative Companions - volunteers who are trained to deliver bedside creative art activities such as painting and drawing.

Creative interactions like this improve the mental and physical wellbeing of patients and reduce isolation and loneliness.

“Today we met Bill. He absolutely loves music and came alive when we started to play. He joined in the whole session with some jingle bells. It was a wonderful example of the therapeutic power of music as he was able to express himself playing music and through the movement of his arms.”  

Ali Francis-Black, Play It Again musician


Friendly faces

Your donations will help us to fund a team of specially-trained volunteers to be a friendly face for people with dementia on wards across the hospital by supporting patients, talking with them and listening.

The Friendly Faces volunteers will also work alongside our Fresh Arts projects to provide music, movement and art sessions for patients.

Your donation will enable us to begin the dementia volunteer project at Southmead Hospital by funding two co-ordinator roles, recruiting and training hundreds of volunteers, working in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society and the Royal United Hospital Bath.


Creating a better hospital

We know that the wards in Elgar House, our elderly and complex care unit, desperately need improvements to make them more dementia-friendly.

With your help we can bring in better lighting and flooring as well as dementia-friendly signage and coloured doors, helping patients with dementia to understand the environment they are in and reduce confusion.

We also want to bring in interactive reminiscence room pods, set up to recreate familiar environments such as a traditional 1950s sitting room, vintage shop or a train carriage.

These reminiscence rooms unlock memories that help staff, carers and relatives reconnect with people with dementia.

“Reminiscence projects can capture memories from across their lives to create something really meaningful. It enables nursing staff and carers to interact with patients in contexts that are familiar to them; allowing us to provide real person-centred care.”

Jet O’Neill, Dementia Care Matron



Can you help us transform dementia care?

Your £50 could help us begin vital research into how we can improve care for people with dementia.

Your £25 could provide a music session for a person with dementia to reconnect with the world around them.

Your £10 could help pay for a volunteer to train to be a friendly face for a person with dementia to talk and be heard. 




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