Erin’s story: Baking for my NHS heroes


10-year-old Erin was one of the first people to sign up for our 10 Bake Challenge to raise money for our local NHS in Bristol.

I signed up to the 10 Bake Challenge because I wanted to raise money for the NHS. My Dad works at Southmead Hospital and I know that everyone there has been working really hard to fight Covid-19.

Normally my Dad works in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but during coronavirus he’s been working for NHS England.

I was excited to sign up to 10 Bake Challenge

I love watching the Great British Bake Off and Junior Bake Off and when my mum told me about the 10 Bake Challenge I knew it would be a great chance to do loads of baking!

I like the science of baking but also eating the things I make! With some bakes you have to get the exact amounts or the bake will go wrong and with others you can add more of your favourite ingredients – I always add more cinnamon to recipes as I love it.

I’d been wanting to make a watermelon cake for a few months and saw that ‘illusion cake’ was one of the 10 Bake’s weekly challenges so did that first!

Raising dough for the NHS

My original 10 Bake Challenge fundraising target was £100 and I was really excited when I saw that people were donating before I’d even started baking. We decided to raise the target to £150 and we ended up raising almost £400! 

I’m happy that I’ve raised so much for patients and staff at the hospital. I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and my favourite part has been the millionaire shortbread as it tasted so nice.

I’ll definitely do more fundraising in the future. Maybe something sporty next time, before some more baking!

Bake, run, craft! Fundraise your way to give back to patients and staff in your local hospitals. Please contact Hannah to start your fundraising today.

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Community Fundraising Manager

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Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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