Sustainability Policy


This policy has been created to ensure that the Charity is aligned with NBTs vision of being a ‘leader in the field of sustainable healthcare and using our influence to enable staff, patients, suppliers and healthcare partners achieve a sustainable and resilient health and care system for our region’.

The policy

In partnership with North Bristol NHS Trust, we will;

1.     Maximise access to the natural environment for the benefit of health and wellbeing and for the prevention of avoidable illness

·       Promote staff and patient access to high quality green spaces

2.     Reduce our travel related carbon emissions

·       Encourage sustainable travel for staff, patients and visitors

·       Assess travel requests against total carbon emissions

·       Monitor and report travel related carbon emissions

·       Offset travel related carbon emissions through tree planting 

3.     Maximise sustainability within all our Charity Projects

·       Ensure Sustainability Impact Assessments are completed for all projects where are Trust business case is required

·       Adopt sustainable mitigation measures for all projects 

4.     Maximise the sustainable use of resources

·       Conserve energy, water and other natural resources

·       Prevent, reuse and recycle our waste

·       Avoid single-use plastics, including promotional materials

·       Adopt a ‘digital-first’ approach, ensuring that any printed materials are FSC certified or 100% recycled paper

Please contact the Charity team if you have any queries concerning our sustainability policy on

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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