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It’s because of you – and the exceptional care you give to patients and their families – that our supporters donate and raise money for your hospitals.

We use this money to support the area of greatest need across five core areas:

The ICU team was so grateful for the donations that enabled the Charity to provide two water coolers on the ward. It makes a huge difference in keeping everyone hydrated during long shifts in PPE and has improved staff wellbeing.
Mo Maddock
ICU Sister

How do I apply for funding for my ward or department?

We work closely with fund holders across the Trust, who will help advise on the project you’d like support on.

If you know the fund holder you need to speak to, please discuss your idea with them. Once you’re ready to make an application, please fill in the expenditure request form, available on LINK.

If you need guidance on who to speak to, please contact our spend team to find the correct fund holder.

We’re here to help you

Please contact us if you need help finding the correct fund holder, or to discuss your funding request.

How we support you

Parkinson’s research

Wellbeing programme

Our promise to you

We pride ourselves on spending money responsibly and in accordance with our supporter promise. As a member of the Fundraising Regulator, our fundraising and approval process has to adhere to these regulations.

We’ll support you and your fund holder throughout, so you’re clear on the process and steps involved.

You can find more information in the Fund Holders guide on LINK.

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