Bleep101 helps prepare next generation of doctors

Dr Rachel Scott, co-founder of Bleep101, is wearing blue scrubs and standing in Southmead Hospital's Brunel Building

Junior doctors at Southmead Hospital have founded organisation Bleep101 to offer on-call training for medical students.

The transition from studying as a medical student to being on the wards as a junior doctor is huge. Busy, on-call shifts can be a particular source of anxiety for new doctors.

The extra training provided by Bleep 101 is intended to give students confidence for their first on-call shifts.

Free training resources for educators

The Bleep101 website gives educators access to free resources to run on-call training with students. The scenario packs include:

  • Ward documents
  • Patient investigations
  • Gold-standard management plans
  • Facilitator instructions

Feedback from the 120 students across the UK who have done the training so far has been very positive.

Students are given ‘Bleeps’ for the on-call training

100% of students feel more prepared for on-call shifts

Dr Rachel Scott, co-founder of Bleep101, said:

“The feedback has been great – 100% of participants have told us that they feel more prepared to work on-call after the training.

“By providing them with an opportunity to practise in a safe environment we make the transition much easier, not to mention safer for patients.

“I’m thankful to you for helping us make these resources available to junior doctors across the country.”

Donations have supported the creation of the scenario packs and the Bleep101 website.

You can support projects like Bleep101 by donating today. Thank you.

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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