Walkerbot Appeal: Change lives with world-leading rehab

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Revolutionising Stroke & Neuro Rehab at Southmead Hospital

The world-leading LokomatPro Sensation uses robotic limbs and virtual reality exercises to revolutionise stroke rehabilitation.

It allows patients to take thousands of consistent steps per session, compared to the dozens they’d take during traditional rehabilitation.

This means more steps, more self-belief, and more progress. It significantly enhances people’s rehabilitation potential and speeds up their recovery times.

Southmead Hospital would be one of only two NHS hospitals in the UK with this groundbreaking equipment, cementing our position as a Stroke Centre of Excellence for the South West.

Heidi’s Story

“I tried to get out of bed and couldn’t stand. At first, I thought I must have just slept funny. It started to dawn on me that I couldn’t move the entire left side of my body. I remember thinking that part of my brain was literally dying away in that very moment.”

Heidi, 33, Stroke Patient at Southmead Hospital

If you’d like to speak to us about making a larger gift towards the Walkerbot Appeal, please contact Eleanor or Wendy using the details below.

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Philanthropy & Partnerships Manager


07971 632269

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Philanthropy & Partnerships Manager


0117 414 1171

The make, model and cost of the equipment purchased may be subject to change. In the event that we don’t raise enough money for this piece of medical equipment, the money raised will go towards our general charitable activities including any area of the hospital that is most in need.

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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