Boredom busting for patients


Our hospitals treat over one million patients every year. For some patients, visits will be short, and others will stay with us for much longer periods of time.

Thanks to our incredible donors, we’re able to fund a variety of items that help improve patient experience.

Providing engagement and relaxation

Often, it’s the simple items that can make the biggest difference to our patients. We’ve funded more than 1,000 TVs so that each patient has free access to entertainment during their stay in the hospital. It means that patients can relax, take their minds off treatment, and maintain some normality by tuning into their favourite programmes.

Pioneering arts publication for patients

Along with thousands of patients across the UK, patients in Bristol have benefitted from access to an innovative, new arts publication.

Your support means that we were able to fund 5,000 copies of the Boredom Buster newspaper for patients across Southmead and Cossham hospitals. The 48-page newspaper draws on contributions from well-known artists, art therapists and creative health specialists. Their carefully curated articles and creative activities are intended to keep patients engaged, improve mood and alleviate anxiety.

Restricted visiting

During the Covid-19 pandemic, both the TVs and Boredom Buster newspapers have kept patients engaged and entertained at a time when visits from family have been restricted. Your support will allow us to continue to provide our patients with these extras that make a huge difference during their hospital stay.

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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