Giving patients comfort and control through animation


Imagine you’re on your way to hospital for a procedure. You’ve done some research, but understandably, you’re a bit anxious.

A new series of animations are helping to reduce this worry, thanks to donations from wonderful people like you. some of our treatment teams are now able to show patients an informative yet easy-to-understand animation about the procedure they are about to receive.

The short videos explain what the procedure does and how it feels, along with any other important information, giving our patients more comfort and control in their treatment.

This new system also means patients can find out the details of their procedure while sitting with one of our amazing medical teams, who can help talk through any worries they still might have.

Watch one of our new videos

Lumbar Nerve Root Block from AniMed on Vimeo.

The impact of your support

Louise, a radiographer at Southmead Hospital, says: “The impact that this video trial has made is impressive. Since introducing the animation, our patients have been so much more relaxed and comfortable while being looked after here.

Helping patients make well-informed choices for their care is really important to us as a team and as a hospital. I am super grateful to all the wonderful donors who have supported this project.”

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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