Helping bereaved children through the most difficult times


Losing loved ones is a tragic reality for some visitors to the hospital, and is a time when they need support the most. It’s a devastating experience for anyone, but can be especially difficult for children.

Your donations have allowed our Organ Donation Team to buy special bereavement books for children, to help them understand their grief and how their loved one’s passing has helped someone else live a better life through organ donation. They also act as a useful guide for adults in the language to use and what they can do to help support children through this difficult process.

The books include ‘Beyond The Rough Rock’, ‘Muddles, Puddles & Sunshine’, and ‘A Child’s Grief’.

Almost 70 people received a lifesaving transplant last year, and these books will be there to help the families of those making the kind decision to continue this work after their passing.

Being able to offer support and guidance, to our donor families is one of the most important aspects of our role in the Organ Donation Team.

Amongst other resources, these books offer us an opportunity to ensure we give our families ongoing guidance and help after they leave hospital.

Jo Davies, Organ Donation Specialist Nurse

You can be there for bereaved families today, tomorrow, and beyond by donating today.  

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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