Helping burns patients regain their strength


Rehabilitation after an injury can be a long and difficult process, particularly for patients who have suffered burns.

Alongside the complex medical treatment and psychological support, a crucial part of recovery is occupational therapy, helping people who have lost function of their motor skills.

Things which were once easy – like being able grip things with their hands – have become difficult, which can have a huge knock-on effect on quality of life.

The impact of your donations

That’s where your incredible support comes in. Donations from generous people like you have funded several pieces of equipment for the Occupational Therapy team to help burns patients regain independence and build confidence by rehabilitating their motor skills. 

From specialist cutlery to exercising tools to games, the tools you have provided are helping our patients grow stronger and more confident every day. The physical skills they are regaining through this equipment are an important step on the road to recovery and allow them to practice handling small objects to gain greater independence.

Helen, one of the Occupational Therapists here at Southmead Hospital, says

“This equipment means we can engage patients in their recovery through meaningful activities to improve upper limb range of movement, strength and dexterity and to build stamina. It’s making a huge impact on their experience and will go a long way towards helping them to regain their independence and recover from their injuries.

“We’re all so grateful for everyone whose donations made this happen.”

A smiling picture of Helen, a member of the Occupational Therapy team

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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