Honouring Mary: Anna & Jo’s story


After Mary passed away at the age of 92, her children reflect on the 18 years of care she received at Southmead Hospital before leaving a gift in her Will to those who cared for her.

Our mum Mary, affectionately known to us as ‘Ma’, was an incredible person. She sadly had numerous conditions such as cancer, was registered blind since she was seventy and had dementia in her last few years. She was best known by our dedicated doctors and nurses for her tenacious personality.

Our mother continued to live independently for many years. The great care she was given by the team at Southmead Hospital kept her bladder cancer non-invasive. When she had to stay in the hospital, Ma always felt cared for and most importantly, listened to. She always came home with lots of stories, which we loved hearing.

The hospital has kept our family healthy

We are firm and long-term supporters of the NHS. The staff at Southmead Hospital have kept our family healthy and safe and we will be forever grateful.

Having gone through the pandemic, we feel it is even more important that the NHS is supported properly, so it can continue to help people like our family, like our mother, for years to come.

Anna (L) and Jo (R) pictured with their ‘Ma’, Mary

Ma’s legacy will live on, supporting research into urological cancers

Ma wanted to thank the doctors, consultants and nurses so much for her 18-plus years of care by leaving a gift in her Will.

We are so excited that our family can support research into urological cancers at Southmead Hospital in our mother’s name. While we miss Ma so much, we know she would be happy to see how her gift will help so many people, for years to come.

If you would like to leave a gift to the hospitals in your Will like Mary, please contact Kate, who will be there right alongside you to help you create a lasting legacy.

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Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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