John’s story: I chose Southmead Hospital because of its pioneering research

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John is passionate about supporting scientific breakthroughs.

Since my diagnosis of aggressive bladder cancer in January 2020, I’ve been cared for by the Urology team at Southmead Hospital. 

At all stages of my treatment, I’ve been met by the smiling faces of staff. Most importantly, my condition and treatment have been explained to me clearly and respectfully in a way that I can easily understand. 

Exceptional care by extraordinary staff

I was diagnosed shortly before the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the UK. At an incredibly busy time for our NHS, the Southmead team was there to support me. During the first lockdown, I emailed one of the consultants with a concern. Within three hours, I received a phone call and a 40-minute consultation to resolve my worries. 

I believe the NHS is a jewel in the crown of a caring society

What has impressed both me and my wife is how the whole Urology department runs like a well-oiled machine. If I’m told I’ll get a call about appointments, it always happens. If I attend Southmead Hospital for an appointment, the vast majority are exactly on time. 

Both my parents and my two sisters were nurses in the NHS so I know from personal experience that for staff, it is more than a job. I believe the NHS is a jewel in the crown of a caring society. 

I chose Southmead Hospital because of its pioneering research

My treatment is made possible thanks to new science and medicine in cancer care. Having worked in research and development for the pharmaceutical industry, I know it takes time, dedication and a lot of money to push the frontiers of medical science. 

I chose to be treated at Southmead Hospital because I saw it was a research-based centre of excellence that is driving continuous improvement in the care it provides to patients from across the South West. Such ambition deserves to be nurtured and I’m proud to play my part in supporting the Urology team with a regular donation.

Like John, you can support future medical breakthroughs by giving a regular donation. Please contact Sally if you have any questions about setting up a regular donation.

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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