Long-Covid research


Imagine waking up every day, feeling breathlessness, fatigue, muscle aches and not being able to remember much from the previous week. You call your doctor, who understands your symptoms, but has no treatment to help you. This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of people across the world who are suffering from Long-Covid. 

Our renowned researchers urgently need your support to help Long-Covid sufferers by finding new ways to predict, test and treat Covid-19.

In order to control Coronavirus, we must develop our knowledge of how the virus spreads and the symptoms it causes. By supporting our Covid-19 research project, you can be a part of this crucial work and help us understand its longer-term impact.

“Our research is directly changing patient care now. By supporting our Covid-19 project you will be helping us to transform patient services by enabling us to develop innovative breakthroughs sooner. Together we can make a real difference to the research of tomorrow.”

Deputy Director of Research & Innovation, Dr Rebecca Smith

Fighting the long-term effects of Covid-19

Our studies so far have shown that almost three quarters of people hospitalised with Covid-19 are still suffering from ongoing symptoms after three months (known as ‘Long-Covid’).

Your support will help us study this in more detail by working with survivors to understand their recovery. We are particularly focussing on their immune systems and want to understand how ‘overactive’ immunity may be leading to extended activation of T-cells, (the white blood cells which work in several different ways to help protect us from diseases like Covid-19), months after they would be expected to return to normal.

With the help of donors like you, we are also able to research therapies that may support patients in their recovery, including fatigue management treatments and intensive research into sleep difficulties.

By donating what you can today, or by committing to give on a regular basis, you will be supporting our scientists in their ground-breaking research.

Working together

Our research is being carried out Bristol-wide, led by North Bristol NHS Trust in partnership with University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust, and the University of Bristol.

The DISCOVER study has recruited over 300 patients hospitalised with Covid-19 since March 2020.  It was the first UK cohort published, meaning this is the group that has been studied for the longest time, and so is particularly important for understanding long-term effects.

Our research is at the cutting-edge of developments in understanding Covid-19, and with your help we can continue to fight this virus.

Our expertise

Our researchers are experts who are at the forefront of this unprecedented healthcare crisis.

Southmead Hospital is an acute, specialist hospital with a worldwide reputation in research excellence through our specialist Research & Innovation Centre. Each year 7,000 patients take part in over 500 research studies here.

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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