Next Big Thing project improving patient choice


Last year, respiratory consultants Dr Shaney Barratt and Dr Huzaifa Adamali came up with an idea to help inform patients of their choices when it comes to taking certain medications, like heparins, which are used to prevent blood clots.

Two of the main types of heparins are derived from animal products, which can be unacceptable for patients who are vegan, vegetarian or of particular faiths.

Their idea was turned into a reality thanks to your donations. As one of the winners of North Bristol NHS Trust’s Next Big Thing competition, Dr Barratt and Dr Adamali were able to access funding from your donations to support their research.

Working with community leaders

Dr Barratt and Dr Adamali are currently working with patients, staff and community leaders to develop educational materials and a bespoke training programme about the choices surrounding blood thinning medications to improve transparency and patient choice.

Asked about the project, Dr Barratt said: “It’s been a real privilege to develop new working relationships over the last 12 months with so many people who hold a wealth of expertise and knowledge. These very same people will no doubt have great ideas that your donations will help turn into a reality through innovative schemes like the Next Big Thing.”

Innovate Awards nomination

The heparins project has been nominated for the first ever Innovate Awards organised by NHS Confederation and Academic Health Science Network. The winners will be announced at a ceremony at the end of September.

To find out about more projects, roles, research and equipment made possible by your donations, please have a look at our Impact Report for 2021-2022.

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