Helping 10 talented apprentices to become Registered Nurses


From porters to pharmacists, doctors to domestics, our 12,000 staff are some of the most dedicated, compassionate, and personable people.  

For some, the route into healthcare is traditional, yet more and more people each year are arriving at our hospital through innovative apprentice programmes. And while it’s a wonderful way for some to enter the world of healthcare, it has its limits. It means that for people like Caroline, a Registered Nursing Associate and mum-of-two, leaving her full-time job to fund a degree is too great a financial burden to even consider becoming a Registered Nurse. It’s a barrier for many of our incredible staff, and one you have helped remove through a brand-new Nurse Apprenticeship scheme, funded by your donations. 

With your support, in the next two years ten talented healthcare workers like Caroline will become Registered Nurses. Here Caroline tells us more about her journey to the scheme, and just what your support means.  

“My job means so much to me”

“I joined the Trust as a cleaner and soon after moved to a healthcare role, in which I completed a number of qualifications, made possible by the apprenticeship programmes here.  

“My job means so much to me. Working in healthcare has been so fulfilling, getting to see how care, compassion and empathy can impact someone else’s life in a difficult time really keeps me going. The ability to use my skills and knowledge to improve a patient’s outcome and make sure they get the care they need, while learning from the team of amazing people around me is the best experience.  

“I first heard about the Nurse Apprenticeship scheme through my line manager, who was so supportive and encouraged me through the whole application process. I knew it would be hard with only 10 places and many more candidates, so I was over the moon to hear I had been accepted onto the scheme.  

“This scheme has been an incredible opportunity for me, making studying while working possible, without the big financial burden that can carry.  

“You have truly changed my life”

“Without your support I would have had to leave the job altogether if I wanted to undertake the course independently, which would not have been possible. The fact that I can continue to work while studying at university is growing my confidence and skills every day and allows me to keep on supporting patients throughout which is such a privilege.  

“Becoming a nursing professional is an honour. Something that was a dream 10 years ago is now a reality thanks to you. You have truly changed my life and for that, I will be forever grateful.”  

Nurse Associate Caroline is pictured standing in front of a while wall. She is wearing her uniform of a striped top and navy trousers..
Caroline has worked at North Bristol NHS Trust for over 10 years

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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