Paddy’s story: I couldn’t walk away with just a ‘thank you’


The NHS has always been there for Paddy and his family.

Growing up in north Bristol, I’ve made many trips to Southmead Hospital. Over the years, I’ve experienced incredible care: broken bones and stitches, births of babies, complex surgery, and, in recent months, Covid-19 testing for my whole family. 

I’ll no longer take NHS care for granted 

When I was younger I took all the treatment I received for granted. But on a recent visit to the Covid-19 drive through testing centre, I was struck by the resourcefulness of the team delivering this service and the care my wife, our two young girls and I received. 

Looking back, I now realise that the same level of care and attention had been given at all of those previous visits too.

It’s so simple to set up a monthly donation

I’ve experienced nothing but the best care and treatment from the NHS. From the expertise of surgeons after a back break to the care from the incredible nursing staff, the NHS is full of hardworking people with a genuine will and passion to help.

On this occasion, I didn’t feel as if I could walk away with just a ‘thank you’. Instead, I’m giving £10 a month to support Southmead Hospital. It’s so simple to set up a monthly donation and it’s a great feeling knowing I can do something to help those who’ve been there for me and my loved ones so many times.

The NHS is undoubtedly one of our country’s greatest assets and deserves our continued moral and financial support.

Like Paddy, you can support your local NHS in Bristol by giving a regular donation. Please contact Sally if you have any questions about setting up a regular donation.

Thank you for your support – it makes a huge difference to our patients, their families and our staff.

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