Portable ultrasound for kidney dialysis patients


Three times a week, kidney specialists at North Bristol NHS Trust see 450 patients in need of dialysis. Many of those patients are waiting for a transplant.

Dialysis does what their kidneys cannot – filtering salt, waste, and extra water out of the body, controlling the production of red blood cells and releasing hormones that regulate blood pressure.

While dialysis can’t replace the function of the kidney forever, it is lifesaving.

Ultrasound helping patients at eight sites in the South West

Most dialysis patients will need a fistula – a special connection that is made by joining a vein onto an artery. And with your support, a new portable ultrasound machine is helping our kidney specialists deliver this life-saving treatment every day.

The portable ultrasound machine can be used at any of the eight sites across the South West where dialysis is delivered to patients. It will help staff easily find a suitable vein for a fistula and give patients a better, more efficient dialysis. This will ultimately improve the long-term health and survival of our patients.

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