FAQs: Online tribute and funeral collection pages

Setting up an online tribute or funeral notice page

To help you through the process of setting up your online tribute or funeral notice page, we’ve collated some helpful FAQs.

Please contact Hannah to chat through any questions you have about setting up an online page or collecting donations to remember a loved one.

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FAQs: Online tribute and funeral notice pages

What’s the difference between a tribute page and a funeral notice?

Both pages will allow you to leave a meaningful tribute to your loved one. The only difference is that you’ll be asked to add the funeral arrangements when setting up a funeral notice page.

Once the funeral has taken place, you have the option to hide these details and have a lasting tribute to your loved one.

How long does it take to set up a tribute page or funeral notice?

It only takes a few minutes to set up a tribute page for your loved one and to receive donations to support Southmead Hospital. However, you may like to spend time personalising the page and you’ll be able to come back to it anytime.

What is the significance of the purple butterfly theme?

At Southmead Hospital, the Purple Butterfly Project empowers staff to deliver high quality personalised and compassionate end-of-life care. We have chosen to use purple butterflies as our tribute page theme because we understand the importance of providing your loved ones with a dignified death, if they sadly aren’t able to get better.

What are some of the personalisation options as the tribute guardian (page owner)?

You’ll be able to upload treasured photos, videos and music and share as much as you like about your loved one. It is a space to celebrate everything that made them special.

The ‘Tribute Settings’ link is where you’ll be able to make functional changes, such as adding a new tribute guardian, editing page features, managing visitor contributions, and setting up notifications.

How can I share the tribute page or funeral notice with family and friends?

You’ll be able to share the page via its unique website address (URL) at the top of the tribute and there are social network share buttons on the page itself.

You might like to include the URL for the funeral notice in the Order of Service.

How can family and friends contribute to the page?

Family and friends can light candles, add gifts, share memories, leave messages of support, and make donations in your loved one’s memory. By default, family and friends are also able to add their own pictures, videos, and music.

The ‘Contribution Settings’ allow you to choose to be notified when a new visitor contribution is made or review a contribution before it’s displayed on the page.

How do you, Southmead Hospital Charity, receive donations that are made through the tribute page or funeral notice page?

If you create a tribute page or funeral notice through our website, your page will be set up to receive donations in your loved one’s memory. We receive these from our trusted partner platform Much Loved periodically, so there is nothing you need to do.

Can donations that have been collected offline be added to my tribute page or funeral notice page?

Yes, you can add offline donations through the Tribute Settings. Adding offline donations is optional but will mean you’ll be able to see all the money raised in your loved one’s memory in one place.

Where possible, please be sure to use our collection envelopes for offline donations.

How long will my tribute page last?

If you wish, your tribute page will be a permanent online memorial to your loved one.

Can donations support a particular area of the hospital?

We will always prefer to use your kind donations to support our priorities across the hospital. However, we understand that many patients are grateful to specific departments that have cared for them. Where possible we can direct your donations to these areas. Please contact Hannah and she can provide more information on this.

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