Support Us At Work

Support us at Work

Supporting our charity through the workplace is a great way to unite a team, while increasing staff motivation and making a lasting difference to patient care in the local community. There are many ways to create a mutually beneficial partnership that can help your business achieve its aims around corporate social responsibility and help you reach new audiences. Working with our charity team and key clinicians, we can work with you to make a positive impact in the direction of healthcare in Bristol and the wider South West.

"We feel it is important to contribute to the fabric of our local community"

Law firm DAC Beachcroft have sponsored a series of live music concerts in hospital wards and waiting areas as part of the Fresh Arts project.

"As a major employer in Bristol, we feel it is important to contribute to the fabric of our local community by supporting creative and performing arts in our local schools and hospitals.

"As a commercial law firm, we're continually looking to be innovative and provide practical solutions and this is why supporting Southmead Hospital's Fresh Music programme appealed to us. It is a simple, creative way in which to support their patients during their time in hospital."

Tony Cherry, Regional Senior Partner at DAC Beachcroft in Bristol.

Charity of the Year and Staff fundraising

If your business chooses a charity to support each year, we would love to be put forward for your consideration. Whether your chosen charity is decided by committee, personal experience or staff vote, we are happy to discuss your needs alongside ours and work together to make a partnership that’s meaningful to your staff and business. We can plan an event specific to your needs or look at more established ways to support us. Even if you don’t choose one charity to work with, we might just have the perfect one off event for your team at work to take part in.

Cause related marketing

One of the best mutually beneficial partnerships for a charity and a business is setting up a cause related marketing campaign. This works by the company setting up a new service or product that gives a percentage of sales to our cause. This helps both the business and the charity raise their profiles while increasing their financial return. If your company would be interested in promoting a product in this way, contact us today and we can find the right cause to match your aims.


We have many projects and events available for corporate sponsorship. This not only gives the charity valuable financial or skill based support, but offers your company positive PR, in turn improving your customer commitment and improved public perception. We welcome the chance to work in true partnership with local companies right at the planning stages of our projects, giving your business the opportunity to help shape healthcare in your local community.

Matched giving

Many companies will offer to match or give a percentage of their employees’ fundraising or donation total. This is often associated with an individual’s sponsored challenge, direct donation or payroll giving scheme. This is a great way for an employer to show their commitment to their staff and encourage others to support charities or causes. This also helps raise more positive PR, improves ties with the local community and of course aids in staff motivation. If you as an individual are doing any fundraising for us, don’t forget to ask your employer if they offer this contribution.


Time and expertise can be just as valuable as any financial contribution and volunteering for our hospital through work can give your team the opportunity to build better working relationships, offer new skills and build motivation. We can offer opportunities to support at our events, whether marshalling or cheering on our fundraisers. Your business might also be able to offer pro bono expert support that could help improve our ways of working or deliver on specific projects.

Payroll Giving

Many companies offer this to their employees as an easy and tax efficient way to regularly give to charity. It works by taking a set amount from your pre-tax earnings and basically means you are making a tax free donation to a cause close to your heart. For example, if you donate £5 a month, you only pay £4 based on a 20% tax rate and if you are on the higher rate of tax of 40%, you only pay £3. Once your company has set up the scheme, you just need to instruct your payroll department how much you want to give. They will then take a deduction on our behalf and send it to an Inland Revenue approved Payroll Giving Agency, which you can find here.

Gifts in kind

The offer of free products and services from a company is invaluable to our charity and can help us raise our profile and income at fundraising events through raffles and auctions. Your business may even be able to offer us the use of your resources, like venue spaces, unwanted equipment or expert advice. We would also welcome any networking opportunities with your contacts that can help increase our profile and general awareness in the local business community. 

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