A digital microscope for brain surgery

We need £750,000 to fund a pioneering digital microscope that will make complex brain operations more accurate and precise - saving more lives affected by brain tumours, disease and trauma.

Using technology created for the International Space Station, the automated robotic digital microscope has image guidance and surgical planning software.

The system doubles magnification of the brain from the current 50 times to 100 times – providing a larger depth of focus. Ultra HD 3D monitors improve surgical workflow and gives greater visuals for all staff in theatre allowing better collaborative working.

The new technology will:

If we successfully fund the microscope Southmead Hospital will be amongst the first in Europe to introduce the technology into our operating theatres.

Southmead Hospital is a major neurosurgical centre in the UK performing 3,800 operations a year, with referrals from across the region and the country.

The introduction of this technology will ensure Bristol and North Bristol NHS Trust stays at the forefront of neurosurgery.

The system can also be used in other areas of surgery, for example ENT, cardiac, spinal or plastic surgery.

Your donations will help us bring this pioneering technology to Bristol – improving surgical outcomes for patients.

“It is the only fully automated robotic digital microscope, derived from technology originally created for the International Space Station, seamlessly combines state-of-the art engineering with the latest breakthrough in optics, video processing, digital augmentation and robotic automation to deliver a new kind of operating experience.”

Mr Mario Teo
Consultant Neurosurgeon

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