Bereavement services redevelopment

With your donations we can refurbish the Maple Suite in Maternity and the family viewing rooms in our emergency department and in our hospital mortuary where families can spend time following the death of a loved one.

The Maple Suite

The Maple Suite is a private space for families who go through the unimaginable experience of losing their baby either during pregnancy or shortly after birth.

Parents are able to spend precious time here with their baby to grieve and create cherished memories together away from the main maternity rooms.

The existing suite is in great need of a makeover and your donations will help create a peaceful sanctuary for parents to provide comfort in the most distressing of times.

“We never imagined that we would need to access such facilities but are so unbelievably grateful that they exist.

When we found out that Oliver’s heart had stopped beating we were devastated.

The room offered us some sanctuary and comfort during the worst experience of our lives. The midwives care was second to none and Oliver was respected and cared for with such dignity throughout.”

Stacy and Ben O’Brien raised £6k in memory of their baby son Oliver who was sadly stillborn.


Family viewing rooms

“After the death of a loved one it is so important to support the bereaved to grieve and make their farewells.

Enhancing the spaces in which they can do this will help enormously and contribute to the high quality end of life journey that we provide for our patients.”

Dr Andrew Heryet, North Bristol NHS Trust

Our family viewing rooms in our emergency department and mortuary are also in need of redevelopment.

The rooms are in daily use and with your help we can create more welcoming, comfortable environments in which families can reflect and grieve together.

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