Brain cancer research

We want to fund an ambitious study into the causes of brain cancer.

Southmead Hospital is one of the UK’s leading treatment centres for brain cancer research.

This latest project will find new ways of preventing brain cancer and to provide better and more-targeted to ultimately improve and prolong human life.

“I am passionate about improving the life of our brain tumour patients, having a family member affected by this disease.
“Brain cancer is completely underfunded compared with other cancer types. We know from other cancers that more research funding can really make a difference.” 

Dr Kathreena Kurian, Neuropathologist


The team

The brain cancer treatment team consists of highly experienced doctors, leading researchers and health care professionals who care for more than 600 adults and children with gliomas and other brain and nervous system tumours each year.

Dr Kathreena Kurian is the key lead for Southmead Hospital Charity’s Brain Cancer Research project, which is a part of a wider collaborative project called The Bristol Brain Tumour Bid, jointly led by Dr Kurian and the University of Bristol.

The plan

We want to fund two full-time PhD studentship posts to start in 2020/21. These posts will carry out research to help discover the causes of brain cancer and develop new treatments.

The project

The project will cost in total £188,988 to provide two full-time PhD posts which will include a three year PhD post, a four year PhD post and all project support costs. The two PhD posts will be fully funded by Southmead Hospital Charity and their findings will directly benefit patients at Southmead Hospital and further research into brain cancer tumours.

The goal

The specific aims of the project will be to discover risk factors, biomarkers of progression and drug targets for brain cancer. It will also focus on ways to collaborate with industry partners to develop drugs and clinical trials.

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