Cotswold Clinic

The Cotswold Clinic looks after women who are referred to us for further gynaecological examinations. We need your help to update it and make it as comfortable as possible.

All of our patients are here for follow up appointments following cervical screen tests, and other gynaecological complications such as repeated miscarriages, or bleeding. The department also encompasses the Early Pregnancy Clinic.

More than 5,000 emergency patients are seen in Cotswold every year. The clinic is housed in a building originally built in the 1936, separate from our main hospital building. The waiting room and treatment rooms need refurbishment to make them more inviting, calming and practical for our patients.

With your support we can:

  • Develop a spacious, more patient-friendly waiting area
  • Introduce clearer signage to make it easier for our patients to navigate their way around
  • Install more comfortable seating
  • Create brighter more colourful spaces
  • Display more information for our patients

“All of our patients are facing a very worrying time and the examinations can be uncomfortable, so safe and welcoming spaces for treatment and recovery are crucial.
Refurbishing the Cotswold Clinic will allow us to provide a more welcoming and inviting environment for all our patients, and will improve the experience for the thousands of women who we see every year.”

Katharine Gale, Gynaecology Nurse Consultant

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