Organise a funeral collection

Organise a funeral or memorial collection

You may wish to organise a collection in lieu of flowers for your loved one’s funeral or memorial service.

It’s a lovely way to honour their memory and makes a real difference to patients, families and staff here at the hospital.

The online collection page can also be used to share memories and photos, and to notify people of the details of the funeral.

Please contact Hannah if you would like any help setting up a funeral collection page, or if you would like any further support with giving in memory of your loved one.

Contact Hannah

Community Fundraising Manager

07920 413700

Information for funeral directors

Our relationships with funeral directors are incredibly important to us. We’ve collated some resources that will help you support families who wish to organise collections at funeral and memorial services.

Create a funeral notice and collection

If you’d like some more information before setting up a funeral notice page, please contact Hannah on or 07920 413700.

We also have some helpful FAQs for setting up a funeral notice page.

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