Support Us At School

Support us at School

Supporting our charity at school, nursery or your local youth group is a fantastic way of engaging children with the concept of giving, thinking about helping those less fortunate than themselves and investing in their own futures.

There are lots of fun ways to get involved including:

  • Holding a school mufti day
  • Asking for collections at your school disco
  • Running a toddle waddle or buggy push
  • Holding a raffle, cake sale or a talent competition.

It’s a great opportunity to be as creative as possible and get all the children involved!

Whether you choose us as your charity of the year or join us for a one off event, we are here to support your fundraising and make it as memorable and fun as it can be for the students taking part.

“Bristol Grammar Junior School held a series of fundraising events for Southmead Hospital Charity which gave a great boost to the school community and involved parents, pupils and staff.

“It was also a great opportunity for us to educate our pupils about the benefit of charity and how giving to a local charity can have an impact on the lives of other people.”  

Veryan Rookes, Assistant Head, Bristol Grammar School.

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